The Simone de Beauvoir footbridge, Competition
Paris, France - 1998


Town of Paris

Crossing the Seine river and the busy freeways parallel to the Seine, the footbridge arrives on the quayside promenades and links the public plaza of the National Library with the new Bercy park, with a total length of 304 m and a free span of 190 m.
It is an efficient structure which combines spatial potential with lightness and strength through the synergy of its two collaborating elements, a remarkably slender arch balanced by a pretensioned, suspended catenary. The intersection of the arch and catenary curves creates a symmetrical “lens”, forming a plaza 12 m wide and 50 m long, suspended above the river; this element anchors the bridge visually in the landscape. A poetry is created by the criss-crossing of pathways across the weaving force lines.

The achieved project