Foot- and cyclebridge over the Rhein
Weil am Rhein - Huningue, Germany - 2002


City of Weil am Rhein, Cpmmunauté des trois communes

Two main roads, the « Hauptstrasse » in Weil am Rhein, Germany, and the « Rue de France » in Hunningue, France, are situated on the same axis. To emphasize this highly symbolic and visual connection between the two countries, the footbridge is put along the axis and not into it for the view not to be disturbed. This visual connection is enhanced by the physical one, as the design of the bridge is a response to the situation. The technical challenge is evident.

A double hexagonal tubular steel arch is the main support element of the bridge. Towards the south, another single arch is leant against it. The inclination of this arch widens the visual scope.
The details of the design such as the supports close to the river banks, the widening of the slowly rising ramps, as well as the banisters consisting of cable-suspended steel-nets leave the sight of the river undisturbed and make the bridge blend into the landscape.
“As a strong and structurally clear sign this bridge becomes a unifying gesture” remarks Elena Cardani (« Un belvédère sur le Rhin », L’Arca International, n°45, p. 89).