Lifting of the footbridge
Mantes-la-Jolie - 19.11.2018
Steelday 2018
Lecture Dietmar Feichtinger
Bern, Switzerland - 31.10.2018
Inauguration school center and nursery
Louvres, France - 01.09.2018
Inauguration parc îlot du Tison
Floating bridge and pavilion
Poitiers - 08.07.2018
Inauguration footbridge
Trainstation Laval
Laval - 24.05.2018
Lecture 'Bridges as an element for urban development'
aut. architektur und tirol
Innsbruck - 05.04.2018
Panel debate
Construction and safety
Vienna - 04.04.2018
Publication housing project Castagnary
Detail issue 4
Paris - 01.04.2018
Lecture by Dietmar Feichtinger at the architects chamber of Hamburg
Hamburg - 27.02.2018
Dietmar Feichtinger gives a conference
Oscar Miller Forum
Munich - 01.02.2018
Power Architecture
Exhibition Casa da Arquitectura
Matosinhos, Portugal - 17.11.2017
Architektur Aktuell Building Strategies
Vienna - 06.11.2017
Line 17 - Le Grand Paris Express
Villepinte - 24.10.2017
Line 18 - Le Grand Paris Express
Versailles Chantiers, Saint-Quentin Est - 23.10.2017
Inauguration of the headquarters CAF Bas-Rhin
Strasbourg - 25.09.2017
DFA winner of the competition for a footbridge
Noisy-le-Sec - 20.09.2017
Work at Eiffel Tower started
Paris - 18.09.2017
International Footbridge 2017
Berlin - 08.09.2017
Lifting of the footbridge over the railway station
Laval - 29.08.2017
Completion office building View One
Villeurbanne, Lyon - 29.07.2017
Yangjaegogae Eco-Bridge
Jury and lecture
Seoul, Korea - 15.06.2017
Groundbreaking ceremony for thje schoolcenter Gloggnitz
Gloggnitz, Austria - 29.05.2017
Tour of the Lycée Français and Studio Molière
Vienna - 06.05.2017
A glass wall for the Eiffel Tower
Paris - 08.04.2017
Turn on
Dietmar Feichtinger speaking
ORF RadioKulturhaus Vienna - 10.03.2017
German Steel Construction Award for Engineering
Peace footbridge
Munich - 17.01.2017
Award of the department Sarthe
Winner category architecture
Le Mans - 01.12.2016
International ArchitectureForum 2016
Lecture Dietmar Feichtinger
Hamburg - 18.11.2016
Inauguration Lycée Français and Studio Molière
Vienna - 21.10.2016
Inauguration of the footbridge over the commercial docks
Cherbourg, Normandy - 15.10.2016
East Centric Architecture Triennale
Dietmar Feichtinger appointed as president of the jury
Bucarest, Roumania - 23.09.2016
10 years ! Happy birthday footbridge Simone de Beauvoir
Paris - 13.07.2016
Tour de France start
Normandy - 02.07.2016
Aedes Architecture Forum | Exhibition 'The Vienna Model'
Presentation of Eurogate project
Berlin - 13.06.2016
Award Presentation National Wood Construction Award
Jetty to Mont Saint-Michel awarded
Paris - 31.05.2016
15th edition of the Biennale of Architecture
Reporting from the Front
Venice - 28.05.2016
Grand Paris Express | Engineering and architect firms chosen for the metro line 17 North
DFA selected for the station and viaduct of the congress center Villepinte
Paris - 04.05.2016
News from the construction site
Office building View One
Villeurbanne, Lyon - 02.05.2016
Laying of the first section of the footbridge
Cherbourg - 08.04.2016
Grand Paris Express | Engineering and architect firms chosen for the metro line 18
DFA selected among architecture firms
Versailles | Orly - 19.02.2016
1st prize for the footbridge of the train station Saint Laud
Angers - 11.02.2016
1st prize for a school center in Austria
Gloggnitz, Austria - 04.01.2016
The office of the future. Presentation by Dietmar Feichtinger
Office building View One for Altarea Cogedim
Paris - 03.12.2015
Equerre d'Argent 2015 | French Architecture Award
The Jetty awarded
Paris - 23.11.2015
President François Hollande visits the Mont Saint-Michel
Official inauguration of the restoration of the Mount's maritime character
- 31.10.2015
Opening Evening
Restoring of the Mount's maritime character
Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy - 16.10.2015
French Steel Award Trophées Eiffel 2015
The Jetty to Mont Saint-Michel winner
Paris - 08.10.2015
Official inauguartion of the new Headquarter for LMH
Lille Métropole Habitat
Tourcoing - 02.10.2015
The photos of the swimming pool Kibitzenau are part of the exhibition 'Architecture Lumière'
Architecture Days - Cité Administrative
Strasbourg - 25.09.2015
Opening of the Cinema Le Méliès
Montreuil, France - 19.09.2015
Exhibition "Merveilles du Mont Saint-Michel : d'un chantier à l'autre"
Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine
Palais de Chaillot, Paris - 17.09.2015
National Wood Construction Award
Jetty to Mont Saint-Michel wins
France - 15.09.2015
DFA shortlisted for the Tintagel Castle Bridge Design Competition
137 applications | 6 teams chosen
Tintagel, Cornwall - 03.09.2015
Exposition wood construction award of the region Pays de la Loire
School center Albert Camus in Coulaines
Nantes - 01.09.2015
DFA winner of the competition for a footbridge and the renovation of a sawmill
Poitiers - 01.08.2015
DFA wins the competition for a new school center
Louvres - 31.07.2015
Design competition for the underground U5 in Vienna
2nd prize
Vienna, Austria - 24.07.2015
IOC IAKS AWARD 2015 | International architecture award for sport and leisure facilities
Bronze medal for Sport Centre Jules Ladoumègue
Cologne, Germany - 24.07.2015
News from the construction site
The train station in Ostende opens two platforms
Ostende, Belgium - 06.06.2015
Wood construction Award of the region Basse Normandie 2015
The jetty to the Mont Saint-Michel awarded
Caen - 01.06.2015

- 24.05.2015
Supertide isolates Mont Saint-Michel
On the 21st of March, the mount becomes an island again
Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy - 21.03.2015
Groundbreaking ceremony for the Lycée Français in Vienna
Vienna, Austria - 19.03.2015
Lecture by Dietmar Feichtinger at the ESA Architecture School
Paris - 12.03.2015
Sport Centre Ladoumègue is the winner in the sports category
ArchiDesignClub Awards 2015
Paris - 03.03.2015
'Lieux et parcours' Lecture by Dietmar Feichtinger
Cité des savoirs et du sport
Montpellier - 26.02.2015
Symbolic destruction of the historic dike road
Mont-Saint-Michel - 20.02.2015
Sport Centre Ladoumègue on the cover of the Austrian architecture magazine Architektur Aktuell
Vienna - 01.02.2015
Opening of 'Butterfly Bridge'
Copenhage - 15.01.2015
DFA wins the competition for the renovation of 12 footbridges
La Défense - Paris - 19.12.2014
ArchiDesignClub Awards 2015
2 recently achieved projects of the office are selected
Paris - 10.12.2014
Mies van der Rohe Award 2015 | Jetty to Mont-Saint-Michel nominated
Barcelona - 01.12.2014
PechaKucha - Dietmar Feichitnger presents the Research Center for neurology
Maison de l'Architecture
Paris - 29.11.2014
Interview Dietmar Feichtinger MiesTV
Architecture on TV
Paris - 25.11.2014
Groundbreaking ceremony for the headquarters of the Social insurance CAF Bas-Rhin
Strasburg - 18.11.2014
Exhibition of the international design competition Viertel Zwei Plus
Vienna - 07.11.2014
Groundbreaking ceremony for the headquarter of Veolia Environnement
Aubervilliers - 16.10.2014
The Kibitzenau swimming facilities create a buzz on internet
From Designboom to BauNetz, the project is shared online
Strasbourg - 15.10.2014
Tidal Coefficient 113 The Mount becomes an island
Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy - 09.09.2014
Dietmar Feichtinger "Quand on est sur la passerelle du Mont-Saint-Michel, on marche presque sur l'eau"
The jetty
Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy - 21.07.2014
Inauguration of the aquatic centre Kibitzenau
Strasburg - 07.07.2014
Short film on our sport centre Ladoumègue on the Pavillon de l'Arsenal website
Paris - 02.07.2014
Sport center Ladoumègue is published with 40 photos on Baunetz News
Paris - 26.06.2014
Winner of the competition for a school group and day nursery
Antony - 20.06.2014
Winner of the new Research centre for neurosciences Campus CEA
Saclay - 16.06.2014
The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo visits sport centre Ladoumègue
Paris - 12.06.2014
Made in Europe
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes at the Architecture Biennale
Venice - 09.06.2014
Opening of the Aquatic Center Saint-Gervais
Saint-Gervais - 30.05.2014
Exhibition "Sports - Portrait d'une métropole"
Pavillon de l'Arsenal Paris - 27.05.2014
Nomination Academy of Arts Berlin
Berlin - 15.05.2014
The aquatic centre Kibitzenau on the cover of the Moniteur
Paris - 09.05.2014
Opening of the footbrige 'Passerelle de la Paix'
Lyon - 17.03.2014
Speaking about architecture
Vienna - 06.03.2014
Start of planning office building Carré de Soie
Lyon - 01.03.2014
Swimming in of the Passerelle de la Paix
Lyon - 11.12.2013
Construction permit for the headquater of Veolia Environnement accorded
Paris - 15.11.2013
Diseñopunto - Conference Barbara Feichtinger-Felber
Monterrey, Mexiko - 17.10.2013
Presentation of recent projects at Architect@work
La Grande Halle de La Villette
Paris - 11.10.2013
Dietmar Feichtinger presents the PEX, new exhibition center
Strasbourg - 10.10.2013
Speak about "Living the City today"
3rd Biennale of Architecture and Urbanisme
Caen - 04.10.2013
The first facade elements for a public indoor and outdoor pool next to the Mont Blanc
St. Gervais - 02.10.2013
Opening of Sport Center Hector Berlioz
Vincennes - 06.09.2013
For the first time since 1879
Baie du Mont Saint Michel - 24.07.2013
New Headquater Veolia Environnement
planning goes ahead
Aubervilliers - 22.07.2013
DFA has won the competition for the PEX, new expositon halls for Strasbourg
Strasbourg - 10.07.2013
Orte und Wege - Exhibition opening
aut Innsbruck
Innsbruck - 02.07.2013
Wege und Orte - Dietmar Feichtinger
Haus der Architektur Graz
- 20.06.2013
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes and OMA selected for a final descision in December
Bridge Jean-Jacques Bosc
Bordeaux - 13.06.2013
First part of University Institut delivered
Aix-en-Provence - 04.05.2013
Mont-Saint-Michel - 29.04.2013
School Centre Albert Camus is partialy open
Coulaines - 12.03.2013
Centipede in the snow
- 13.01.2013
Opening of new City Center
Montreuil-sous-Bois - 17.12.2012
1st prize for railway footbridge
Laval - 16.12.2012
Diemtar Feichtinger Architectes winner of the new office building for French social security organisation
Strasbourg - 12.12.2012
Equerre d'Argent, special mention for our schoolbuilding Lucie Aubrac
Paris - 28.11.2012
Jump over the Elbe River - a teleferic over Hamburg
Hamburg - 22.09.2012
Dietmar Feichtinger Architects win the invited competition for the new Headquater of Veolia Envrionnement
Aubervilliers, Paris - 05.09.2012
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes moves to new office space
Montreuil-sous-Bois - 01.09.2012
DFA wins competition for the Studio Molière
Lycée Français
Vienna - 10.07.2012
DFA wins new Footbridge
Cherbourg - 20.06.2012
Europe's Best Buildings
Mies van der Rohe Award 2011 | European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture
Wien - 15.06.2012
Architekturtage 2012
Austria - 01.06.2012
Completion of 71 housings in Europe's largest passive housing estate
Eurogate, Vienna - 25.04.2012
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes wins the competition for a new footbridge over the Seine
Between Mantes-la-Jolie and Limay - 02.04.2012
New housing and Kindergarden completed
Salzburg - 15.03.2012
Groundbreaking ceremony for the new footbridge
Lyon - 12.03.2012
The County Hospital Klagenfurt shown in the Exhibition of the Clients Award
Architektur im Ringturm XXVII
Vienna, Austria - 28.02.2012
International architects selected for the competition of new main station
Susa, Italy - 19.02.2012
DFA inaugurates School Lucie Aubrac
Kindergarden, elementary school and day care center
Nanterre - 11.02.2012
Modern construction with steel - spans, visions, structure
Essen, Germany - 17.01.2012
County Hospital Klagenfurt certified 'Green Building' by EU
Klagenfurt - 05.12.2011
Bertrand Delanoë, mayor of Paris, inaugurates social housing from Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes in Paris
Paris, 19th arrondissment - 24.11.2011
The County Hospital in Klagenfurt wins Bauherrenpreis 2011
Klagenfurt - 18.11.2011
Kulturmontag - Eva Twaroch talks with Dietmar Feichtinger
ORF2 - 22:30 Magazin
Wien - 14.11.2011
Prototype of the Jetty to the Mont-Saint-Michel
Normandy - 03.11.2011
Ernst Anton Plischke Award 2011
Bilger-Breustedt-School center awarded
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna - 21.10.2011
Opening from the first of a series of three footbridges
Gent, Belgium - 20.10.2011
Book presentation
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes 1993 - 2011
La Galerie d'Architecture, Paris - 23.09.2011
Exhibition - PROJETS - Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
La Galerie d'Architecture, Paris - 01.09.2011
Metropolis Arte - Anja Höfer meets Dietmar Feichtinger
Saturday at 23.40 - 06.08.2011
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes wins competition for new head office of LMH
Roubaix - 05.03.2011
Dietmar Feichtinger speaks at Turn on Festival
Vienna - 01.03.2011
Coeur de Ville - New City Center
Montreuil-sous-Bois - 27.01.2011
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes nominated for Austrian State Award for Architecture
Ministry for Economics, Family and Youth
Linz - 16.12.2010
Dietmar Feichinger Architectes wins competition for the public pool Kibitzenau
Strasburg - 19.11.2010
Mies van der Rohe Award 2011 | Two buildings of Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes are nominated
Barcelona - 12.11.2010
'Best Office Award 2010'
Cologne - 28.10.2010
Albert Camus School group
Site is starting
Coulaines - 13.09.2010
Dietmar Feichtinger wins competition for the sport facilites Hector Berlioz
Vincennes - 10.09.2010
Paris on fire – Homage to Zyed Benna and Bouna Traoré
Biennale di Venezia - 29.08.2010
Laying the fondation stone for the school group Ilôt de la Croisée
Nanterre - 04.07.2010
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes wins competition for the Préfecture d’Ille-et-Vilaine in the new area ZAC de La Courrouze
Rennes - 25.06.2010
Inauguration of the new hospital
Klagenfurt - 09.05.2010
Start of construction for 71 flats certificated Passive house
- 01.05.2010
The fondation stone for Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Aix-en-Provence - 26.04.2010
A site in Belgium
Gent - 04.02.2010
And another site...
Paris - 15.01.2010
First prize for a school groupe and public swimming pool
St. Gervais-les-Bains - 11.12.2009
Schoolgroup Bilger-Breustedt awarded with the 'Bauherrenpreis 2009'
- 06.11.2009
Financial and commercial department of voestalpine Stahl GmbH
Linz - 05.11.2009
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes was awarded for 2 new footbridges in the Center of Copenhague
Copenhagen - 23.10.2009
The new headquater of voestalpine will be opened soon
Linz - 20.09.2009
Dietmar Feichtinger awarded to the Austrian of the year 2009
Innsbruck - 06.09.2009
Dietmar Feichtinger gives two lectures
Paris, Salzburg - 11.05.2009
Primary and secondary school in Taufkirchen starts in the new building
Taufkirchen an der Pram - 22.02.2009
First prize for a new footbridge over the Rhône River
Lyon - 20.02.2009
1st prize for the schoolgroup 'Pôle educatif Albert Camus'
Coulaines - 05.02.2009
1st prize for the sport center Jules Ladoumège
Paris - 20.12.2008
1st prize for the urban competition in Kagran
Vienna - 20.10.2008
Braque, Chagall, Miro - 3 Footbridges in service
Strasburg - 01.10.2008
DFA | Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Firm name change - 30.09.2008
2 projects of Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes shown on the Biennale
Venice - 28.08.2008
Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes won 2 Footbridge Awards
Porto - 03.07.2008
Opening of the footbridge Valmy
Paris - La Défense - 23.06.2008
Winner of extension of University Complex
Aix-en-Provence - 10.05.2008
First prize for 3 cycle- and footbridges
Gent - 10.05.2008
Construction of the school group in Taufkirchen progesses well
Taufkirchen an der Pram - 30.04.2008
The building voestalpine office center is growing fast
Linz - 30.03.2008
German Bridge Award 2008 for the Tri-countries bridge
Dresden - 10.03.2008
Succesfull installation of the first footbridge to the island Malraux in Strasbourg
Strassburg - 06.03.2008
Winner for 2 footbridges in Belgium
Willbroek - 15.02.2008
Together with the landscape architects HYL winner of river bank project 'Port Victor' Paris
Paris - 10.02.2008
Winner of kindergarden and school
Nanterre - 30.11.2007
Mies van der Rohe Award 2007 | Triple nomination for Dietmar Feichtinger
Barcelona - 29.11.2007
Feichtinger Architectes win two ZT Awards from the Chamber of Architects and Engineers for 2
Wolfsberg - 23.11.2007
Renault Futrue Traffic Award 2007 for the footbridge over the Rhine
Berlin - 22.11.2007
Shanghaibridge in Hamburg - Best building of the year 2006
Hamburg - 17.10.2007
European Steel Award for the Footbridge Simone-de-Beauvoir
Luxembourg - 12.09.2007
Inauguration of the footbridge 'Dreiländerbrücke'
Weil--am-Rhein (D) - Huningue (F) - 30th june - 30.06.2007
Feichtinger Architectes will construct 71 housings
Vienna - 15.06.2007
The footbridge to the Maritime Museum is achieved
Hamburg - 01.06.2007
Feichtinger Architectes winner of the new trainstation in Ostende
- 25.02.2007
Book 'Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir'
Press Release
- 01.01.2007
Inauguration of footbridge Simone-de-Beauvoir
Paris - 13.07.2006
Winner for new administration center of Voestalpine Steel group
Linz - 15.05.2006
Winner of the schoolcenter
Taufkrichen an der Pram - 02.05.2006
Succesful operation for the lifting of the middel pieces
Paris - 02.02.2006
White Night – Bridge the gap between the 28th and 29th of january 2006
- 28.01.2006
The 37th bridge arrived in Paris
Paris - 03.12.2005
Opening of the University Campus
Krems - 07.10.2005
Opening of Living Art Center
Weiz - 05.05.2005
Winner of the Brooktorhafen Bridge
Hambourg, Germany - 22.06.2004
Winner of winter shelter for the court fountain (Hofbrunnen) of the Residenzplatz
Salzburg - 04.05.2004
New Hopital de Klagenfurt, Winner

Klagenfurt, Austria - 09.01.2004
Feichtinger Architectes wins international competition for the bridge "Granite"
La Défense, Paris - 01.01.2004
Mention for the open competition 'Landmark for the olympic games 2012'
Paris - 01.01.2004